Psychiatrist Short Hills NJ

Are you looking for a psychiatrist in Short Hills, NJ, to cope with your anger problems or other similar issues? The Short Hills Psychiatric Wellness Center offers the most extensive psychiatric services in the area. We will make you a better person at the end of the treatment sessions, and you will feel the transformation thoroughly.

What exactly does a psychiatrist do?

A certified psychiatrist is different from a psychologist in that the former has medical training. An expert psychiatrist can diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medication treatments as well. Psychologists only deal with the emotional suffering of people with behavioral problems. They don’t have the training nor knowledge to treat bona fide psychiatric issues like psychiatrists do.

Our center's founder is Dr. Leopold Bolona, one of the very best psychiatrists in America, and a member of the American Psychiatric Association. He wants to offer specialized help to people in need, those with harsh mental conditions like schizophrenia, depression, grief, autism stress disorder, or substance abuse.

Excellent psychiatric services

At our center, we promote the use of high-end scientific techniques in diagnosing and treating our patients. We deal with both adults and children suffering from various mental or emotional problems. With a consultation, our expert will conduct a psychiatric evaluation of your emotional, education, social, and medical history, building the basis of your future treatment.

We want to be thorough about your background so we can assign a clear diagnosis. In turn, this will determine the subsequent treatment plan and your successful future recovery. If we lack the required information to construct a preliminary diagnosis, we will consult with your family, friends, and school supervisors to fill in the blanks. The treatment can consist of therapy or medication, or both simultaneously if the situation demands it.

How to treat your depression

Among the conditions we treat, depression is one of the most predominant in our young patients. We have devised an extended and expansive treatment service that mostly revolves around psychotherapy and similar treatment therapies. If necessary, we will prescribe useful medication which will ease your panic attacks, if there are any.

Talking with our expert psychiatrist in Short Hills, NJ, will get you very far toward recuperation. Come to our wellness center, and begin your treatment now – we will strive to help you recover successfully. Unfortunately, depression is not immutable, and it can get worse with time, the longer you leave it untreated.

Do psychiatrists really help?

Unlike psychologists, whose treatment only consists of discussion and observation, psychiatrists offer professional medical assistance which proves paramount long-term. Our psychiatrist in Short Hills, NJ, diagnoses a patient, prescribes medication, and starts treatment with a singular goal in mind – successful and efficient recuperation.

For instance, we don’t want to weaken your depression; we want to eliminate it completely. At the Short Hills Psychiatric Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on helping people overturn their mental issues. If the condition is untreatable or permanent, like ADHD in children, we help manage it comfortably and efficiently.